Ruth LaToison Ifill

Founder & Managing Partner

Washington, D.C.
“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.”
-Angela Davis

What I’m listening to these days:
Belong In The Sun by ¿Téo?

Ruth LaToison Ifill is the founder of Aridai and serves as one of the Managing Partners. Ruth is passionate about helping teams and organizations to develop systems, practices, goals, and cultural norms that increase organizational effectiveness, improve performance and advance racial equity. Ruth enjoys developing relationships with people and organizations that positively impact communities, families, and especially BIPOC communities.

Ruth is a scholar-practitioner in organizational development. She has worked in and provided consult for leaders and organizations in secondary and higher education, local and national nonprofits, philanthropic organizations, faith-based groups, and the federal government. Ruth holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Howard University, a master’s in organizational development from Trinity Washington University, and a diversity professional certification from the Institute of Diversity Certification.

Ruth enjoys leveraging surveys, focus groups, facilitation, cultural exchanges, and organizational policy changes to help teams realize their desired state. Ruth is passionate about meeting people, teams, and organizations where they are while providing innovative change support to chart out the future.

When Ruth is not helping teams and organizations to improve, she takes much pride and pleasure in spending time with her husband and two children. Ruth also enjoys traveling, hiking, trying new foods and restaurants, going to the movies, and volunteering with a local nonprofit that delivers music experiences, lessons, and opportunities for DC youth.